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Directing capital flows in a manner that makes the world a better place starts with a clear understanding of long run social and environmental systemic risks . For us at Asteria IM, the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive economy is inevitable. This transition presents investors with capital preservation and growth goals with both risks and opportunities at an asset class, sector, and geographic level. Critically it requires the ability to identify business and projects that contribute to positive social and environmental change while generating financial returns.

We are a pure-play Swiss impact investor dedicated to managing your investments in a manner that solves for risk, return and impact.
We do this through private capital investment solutions that are led and managed by experts and driven by state-of-the-art technology. In turn, our investors benefit from innovative impact investment solutions that make a difference.

Asteria IM is offering an unparalleled track record in impact investment to build on the opportunities of tomorrow.

As part of our strategic partnership with Man Group, the global, technology-empowered active investment management firm, we will also be launching a range of technology-enabled alternative and long-only investment strategies. These strategies will combine Man Group’s expertise in bespoke portfolio solutions, the strong investment management capabilities of both Man Group /Asteria IM and Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking’s (F-ISPB) private banking expertise.

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Our Offer

The opportunity of impact investment

The creation of a low carbon, socially inclusive and resource efficient economy, requires an urgent scaling up of capital flows to businesses that enable environmental and social transformation. Our approach to impact investing helps deliver this change by targeting measurable social, environmental, and financial returns.

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Our systematic proprietary research and technology enable us to identify companies and projects that are already – or soon will be – making a positive difference. And while solutions need to be global, the impact is always local.

Our mission is to help investors transition their portfolios to align with green economy outcomes. We do this by focusing on viable medium to long-term impact investments across a wide variety of asset classes and markets. The companies we invest in directly aim at addressing pressing issues, including global pollution, climate change, food security and poverty, to actively improve people’s lives.

With the full commitment of our team of our impact investment professionals, we can bring your sustainable impact investing goals to life.

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Exceptional impact credential

Our team boasts over 15 years of combined impact investment experience managing private and public assets, across both developed and emerging markets.
Building on this expertise, we developed a highly robust investment process that places equal importance on investment performance and positive impact.

As a fully dedicated Swiss impact investment firm, we can offer focused impact investing strategies that cover a wide range of asset classes. We can also design solutions tailored to your exact needs.

No matter what your investment goals, risk profile or preferences may be, the team at Asteria IM will work tirelessly to identify the right impact investment solution for your portfolio.
By choosing Asteria IM as your investment manager, you can be confident that we will put your capital to work to make a difference and provide you with the potential of attractive returns on your assets.

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Investment approach

Impact with returns

Impact investing does not have to mean compromise on return potential. This is why we manage impact products across a range of asset classes while incorporating both social and environmental impact targets.

By investing with us, you can support global progress on issues such as food security, poverty alleviation, pollution prevention, climate change and inequality reduction.

In our Equity strategies we only invest in companies whose activities make a positive impact and involve no negative exposures. This selection is possible thanks to our proprietary methodology that allows us to measure the impact contribution of the companies we invest in. For our Fixed Income investment solution, we diligently select high impact bonds based on their use of proceeds.

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