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Introduction to impact investing

We offer impact strategies covering a wide range of asset classes, including listed equities and fixed income. We can also develop tailor-made solutions designed to meet your exact asset class, regional and sector exposure needs.

Building on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), our strategies are distinguished as they rely on our systematic research, state-of-the-art technology and the skilled management curation of our highly experienced teams.

This approach enables us to seek out companies providing products or services that are – or soon will be – both contributing to the transition towards a cleaner, more equitable world and providing attractive return potential.

In short, we focus on identifying the winners of the future, helping you contribute towards positive impact while taking into account your risk return objectives.

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Proprietary Impact research

We use an investment process that combines impact research, ESG integration and financial research. Starting from an investment universe of approximately 3000 companies globally, we analyse all of them under the three angles described above. The final investment universe consists of companies that have 1) a positive impact score, 2) belong to the top 70% of the ESG score distribution 3) are not subject to severe ESG controversies or exclusions.

Portfolio construction is carried out with a systematic process that meets three distinct objectives:
1. Maximize expected return
2. Maximize impact
3. Minimise ex-ante tracking-error.

The entire investment process is conducted in a centralized database called StarQube, which also contains portfolio optimization, risk management and portfolio monitoring modules.

Our products

Listed Equity

Invest in listed companies whose products, services or technologies help to decarbonise and depollute the planet, enable to close the inequality gap in access to basic goods and services, as well as companies promoting inclusion and gender diversity.


Fixed Income

Active impact and credit conviction by investing across global investment grade markets by selecting impactful green bonds and corporate issuers; that contribute to a positive and measurable impact in financing the climate transition and a sustainable planet.


Tailor made solutions

Tailored options covering listed equities, private equity, private debt and fixed income impact investment solutions to suit your needs.


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Listed equity

Our actively managed listed equity funds invest in companies offering services, products or technologies in the fields of decarbonisation, pollution reduction, smart and clean water, smart and clean energy, improvement of health & well-being, satisfaction of basic needs and promotion of diversity and inclusion. By contributing to the realisation of the UN SDGs, they drive the planet and people forward, for the better.

Our investment approach is highly systematic and considers many data points that meet a stringent selection process – made all the more rigorous by data-driven portfolio construction and innovative technology. Our agile approach to continuous optimisation assures the best possible risk return and impact outcome.

On a performance level, our funds aim to outperform the MSCI All Countries World Index. On a sustainability level, we look at indicators ranging from how much fossil fuel use is avoided through the generation of renewable energy, to how many cubic meters of water were treated as a result of our investment. Importantly, our proprietary impact evaluation methodology measures the real-world impact of companies’ products and services.

Asteria Funds – Planet impact global equities
Asteria Funds – People impact global equities

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Fixed income

Our actively managed bond funds provide you with exposure to a wide range of fixed income markets and instruments such as, green, social, sustainability bonds and bonds issued by impactful companies.
We carefully select bonds that not only provide attractive return and income potential, but that also generate a positive impact at the bond or at the issuer level.
That is, by analysing the use-of-proceeds of bonds and the activities offered by issuers in environmentally friendly fields such as clean energy and water, pollution reduction and decarbonization.

We seek to optimise the funds’ risk-return profiles by allocating across a range of instruments, regions, currencies, maturities, and sectors.

Our fixed income solutions enable you to make a significant impact on improving the world around us. By investing in this direction, you can diversify your portfolio – and play a key role in improving the environment for generations to come.
Asteria Funds – Climate Bonds

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We understand that your needs, preferences and goals are unique and reflect differing target allocations, risk-return preferences and social and environmental objectives.

Whether you are an institutional asset manager, a foundation, family office or individual investor, we offer a range of tailored options covering listed equities, private equity, private debt and fixed income impact investment solutions to suit your needs.

Bespoke mandates can take into consideration any combination of alternative investments, asset class weights, risk-return profiles, impact themes, individual positions, indexed or active positions and ESG policies.

This means that if you are looking to decarbonise your investments and more closely align your holdings with the Paris Agreement objectives, we will work with you and your team to develop the perfect solution.

The potential impact generated by your tailored mandate will be rigorously measured and monitored.

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