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Asteria funds – People Impact Global Equities

Empower people for a more inclusive and equal society. These strategies focus on economic activities promoting human well-being and social needs such as access to basic goods and health, financial inclusion, education and reduce inequalities.

Asteria funds – Planet Impact Global Equities

Protect the planet by promoting a low carbon economy and sustainable resource management. Planet strategies focus on activities such as CO2 emission reduction, renewable energy, circular economy, water treatment, waste reduction and biodiversity.


Asteria funds – Climate Bonds

Active impact and credit conviction by investing across global investment grade markets by selecting impactful green bonds and corporate issuers; that contribute to a positive and measurable impact in financing the climate transition and a sustainable planet.

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Theme-specific portfolios

Whether you are an institutional asset manager, a foundation, family office or individual investor, we offer a range of tailored options covering listed equities, private equity, private debt and fixed income impact investment solutions to suit your needs.

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